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Some Days Netflix Would Be Easier...

Not long ago, Yemen was one of those exotic destinations on our side of the world. Known for centuries as a major trade route and host to world heritage sites, many of us traveled to Yemen to experience its unique culture.

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Since the Arab Spring, and now nearly five years into this civil war, the stories are grim. Traveling to Yemen as a tourist destination is unthinkable. It’s hard enough for relief efforts to get there. The humanitarian crisis has grown to the worst in our generation, and yet I rarely hear a mention of it in the news. But I do hear from my friends who are working to provide care every day – living the reality. Their photos tell the harrowing story of suffering and break my heart.

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True confession: instead of figuring out the logistics of how to get food and supplies into a country of such chaos and deplorable conditions, some days it would be easier to binge watch Netflix, eat my emotions (in the form of endless tacos 🌮) or just go out with the girls.

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I think those are the days I feel a little helpless.

I’ve learned that’s what war does to people.

The feelings so overwhelming and the need is so vast, we feel paralyzed. We don’t know where to start. I have a lot of days like that.

Or some days…

I think I know where to start, but upon my feeble attempts to make waves and incite change, I’m met with the response, “No – that won’t work.” That has happened so many times at this point, I simply roll my eyes and take a deep breath.

But that is when I’m compelled to get up off the couch and start reaching out to friends – like you.

And that is what I’m doing now. Medical facilities and water infrastructures have been bombed and destroyed. Access to food is virtually non-existent for millions. Yemen’s tiniest citizens are the ones fighting for their lives on the front lines of this war. They are fighting against malnutrition; they’re fighting against contaminated water; they’re fighting against preventable diseases while doctors despair over the dire situation with hospitals. It’s estimated that more than 50,000 children will die by the end of this year.

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I can’t do everything to fix these circumstances, but WE ALL can do something. What my Walk With Me team is doing to address these needs right now requires your help. We’re collecting donations throughout the rest of 2019 to pour into the local nutrition center so that we can help our Yemeni friends try to ring in the new year with renewed hope. We want 2020 to be different. We believe that it can be.

I know to turn on Netflix and launch into an entire series of cheesy Christmas movies is tempting right now (and sometimes necessary – no shame). But before you press play and enter that realm of Netflix-escape, I’m asking you click the link below and to give this holiday season like you haven’t before. Share this opportunity with your friends, colleagues and family members who also are planning to give back this holiday season.

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There’s something about this time of year that makes us all want to believe in miracles or hope in its purest form. Help us spread that to Yemen! Make a donation and make a difference for just one child.