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Reflecting, Redesigning, Recommitting


I founded Walk With Me at the height of the refugee crisis to feed, heal, teach and sustain refugees fleeing war-torn regions. Shortly after the launch, I recognized the need to establish non-profit status for these humanitarian projects. The programs and the networking opportunities grew much faster than anticipated, and I soon realized I needed the structure and oversight of a board of directors to help with the financial and logistical aspects of this work. I strategically partnered with Tying Vines, Inc. in 2015 and was grafted into this well-established organization as the Humanitarian Director.

Our donors and partners get to read the stories I capture from the field and keep up with the posts I make online along the way, but they often don’t get to witness the gifted volunteers and board members behind the scenes who work diligently to make each of our projects truly successful. Our board is made up of amazingly talented individuals. Many of them have extensive experience working specifically in the Middle East. From financial compliance and internal audit professionals to strategic governance and organizational development leaders, as well as CPAs, who are knowledgeable in the non-profit arena, and legal counsel who provide international expertise in multiple disciplines, we have a team of exceptional specialists. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to work with such remarkable people who donate their time and expertise to ensure our programs run smoothly. In addition to our generous donors and partners, the incredible Tying Vines team enables us to continue to champion the vision of reaching 700 refugee camps worldwide. We now are well on our way to achieving that with multiple projects in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Egypt.


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In response to our ever-growing projects, we have exciting news! We just redesigned the branding for our projects to cultivate a sense of consistency throughout our programs and efforts. Our website now has a more intuitive layout, a more user-friendly format to navigate, a more concise but also informative presentation — ultimately so that we can make more of an impact! Check us out:

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We believe reintroducing ourselves as the humanitarian branch of Tying Vines, Inc. across all online platforms in this way, will make us more effective when communicating to our partners and to all who want to follow along. The Tying Vines Humanitarian brand better reflects who we are as an organization and brings clarity to our humanitarian mission while allowing us to keep Walk With Me as our project slogan for ongoing programs. In a way, this is an opportunity for us to recommit to serve those who are fleeing war, some of the most underprivileged people in the world.

I say a heartfelt Thank You to each of you for continuing to Walk With Me on this journey.