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Afgan Response

Helping Women & Children In Need

I hope I never experience the need to flee in terror like the many of the brave Afghan women we’ve seen in the news lately. Can you imagine the need to escape for your life just because you were smart enough to make the robotics team? We’ve all seen the desperation in the young mothers handing their babies over the wall to US soldiers; the only way to save their lives from the horror of life under the Taliban. That says it all. For those of us who are girls, for those who are mothers, these scenarios seem almost unimaginable.

The impact of the current conflict on women and girls has been particularly devastating. The United Nation reports that nearly 80% of Afghan refugees are women and children. We all know the numbers are growing bigger by the minute. 

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Photo credit: BOLNews link

As we’ve watched images of people attempting to flee Afghanistan, many have noted that there seems to be a disproportionate number of men, compared to women. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the men are the ones leaving, but the reason for this is deeply rooted in culture. Some have claimed that men are “abandoning” women. This is simply not true. More likely, as has been seen in other refugee contexts, they are risking their lives to set in motion a path to get their families to safety. 

I hate to admit my ignorance, but I knew very little about the eminent danger of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan prior to a few weeks ago. It was barely on my radar. Sure, I’ve heard a lot about Afghanistan and Pakistan over the last decade, but the current crisis caught me totally off guard. 

Some are now fleeing through the Tajikistan border that stretches almost 870 miles across the Pamir Mountains. That’s where is responding. The needs of those who have had to flee suddenly are acute, increasing demand for shelter, food, water and health services. We are anticipating many needs  in the coming days. 

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Photo credit: The Irish Sun link urgently needs your help to scale up our supplies as the situation worsens. Your gift will have an immediate impact on displaced Afghan families who are escaping conflict and persecution. If you haven’t already, consider making a lifesaving donation today.